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Thursday, August 11, 2016

7 People Who Proved That Success is the Best Revenge


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A few people may have told you to give up and pursue what they consider “attainable” goals rather than the “lofty” goals you want to pursue. Remarks like these can be painful, but you know it is perfectly fine to reach for the stars.

You can show everyone who doubted your aspirations by exuding prosperity and success. Yes, studies have shown that envy is innate, which means the old saying, “success is the best revenge”, is true. The following are seven people who became successful and got revenge at the same time.

1. The Story Behind the Famous Little Mouse

Disney’s love for animation, art, and photography is known throughout the world. However, in his youth, Walt Disney tried to apply his talents to get a job. He applied to work as a cartoonist at The Kansas City Star, but was never hired. Yes, the man responsible for some of the most beloved animated adaptations of classic tales couldn’t find a job as a cartoonist, even at his local newspaper.

Disney hit a few more bumps on the road; he attempted some businesses that did not go anywhere. There is no doubt that Disney lacked support, but that did not stop him. Today, many young boys and girls are happy that he did not give up.

2. The Young Sensation Who Was Rejected

Arunabh Kumar is mostly known as Yogi from TVF Pitchers, a web series created by The Viral Fever (TVF) – an online digital entertainment channel founded by Kumar himself. He was first interested in enriching the content showed in India. Kumar was upset that there were no thoughtful, youth-oriented shows in India. It was something that haunted him, and he attempted to address the issue by asking different media outlets to help him make more content-dense shows.

The outlets in India told him that Indian youth were simply not interested in the type of show that he was pitching. Kumar was taken aback and a bit disappointed to hear the rejection, but he was also invigorated. He wanted to show everyone in that studio that young people were hungry for different kinds of programming.

Kumar decided to try something else to bring his ideas to life. He started a YouTube channel with nothing more than ideas, but his ideas caught on. In 2015, he reached over one million subscribers.

3. Fired from His Own Company and Took the World by Storm

You probably have heard of Steve Jobs, as Apple has pretty much dominated the mobile communications industry for some time. Jobs actually suffered a major setback in 1985. Jobs had created Apple and hired John Sculley to help him run the company. Little did he know that Sculley would later have a role in getting him fired from his own company.

Jobs started his next venture almost immediately. He created a new company called NeXT. The company took Jobs a few years to complete, and he invested a lot of money into it. The computers did not make a lot of money, but the platform he developed would shape the future of the internet and the iOS system that Apple uses now.

Steve’s advancements forced Apple to purchase the company at $429 million and gave Jobs 1.5 million shares of the company. In 1997, Jobs regained control of his company once again.

4. The Power of a Cinematic Giant Who was Rejected

Jurassic Park, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, and others have enthralled crowds for years. Steven Spielberg is a cinematic genius in his own right, but many do not know that he was rejected from University of Southern California. Despite this, he is now worth more than 1 billion dollars and is considered a master of cinematic arts.

The USC School of Cinematic Arts felt that his C-level grade average was simply too low to be accepted. The school actually rejected him a grand total of three times before Spielberg looked for education elsewhere.

The ultimate revenge story is that USC invited him to receive an honorary degree from the school. Spielberg decided to go but only after his demand was met, which was having the person who rejected his application sign the degree.

5. The Tale Behind the Magic and Wizards

Many people know her as the author of the Harry Potter series, but J.K Rowling faced many failures before she reached fame. By the time that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone was finished, Rowling was living on welfare and had gone through a divorce. Despite numerous rejections from publishers, Rowling persevered and published a book series that influenced a generation.

6. Catching a Lightning Bolt of Success

Thomas Edison was a very complex young man and prone to distraction, which is probably the reason one of his teachers deemed him too stupid to continue with normal education. Edison was home schooled after that. At an early age, Thomas set forth on what would become a long string of entrepreneurial ventures.

With each venture came successes and failures. Still, none of his failures stopped him from trying to attain his dream of being an inventor. Edison attempted to make the light bulb 1,000 times, and he failed each time before he succeeded. Edison’s perseverance definitely paid off and changed the future.

7. Denied Twice and then Formed an Awesome App

Who would imagine that WhatsApp evolved from a man who was rejected by Twitter and Facebook? The man’s name is Brian Acton. The app that Acton and his team created was so successful that Facebook decided to purchase it for $19 billion.

You can use the examples of these and countless others to motivate you in your own life. Persevere through harsh rejection and tremendous failure and you may just find that success is waiting for you, too.


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